April 28, 2017

Beg The Question

My music seems to have a double edge…. sword if you will…my life lesson.  Let me explain.  It’s probably natural to think I have a grasp on who I am and where I’m going in life at the ripe old age of 60, only to realize there’s little, I really know.  Case in point.  I wrote a song for my journey to Abbey Road Studio’s called “Share”.  I wanted an anthem that best represented my core beliefs and with that a new awareness.

“Share” is an opinion, that as a human entity we are all in this together…boy I’m getting a lot of mileage out of this song!  It has a sense of urgency and at the same time a consummation that with “opinion” comes a viewpoint based on my experience in life.  Here’s the rub.  My experience is completely different than that of yours yet similar in the ability from that experience to Love or Fear. Hope I’m not loosing anyone! Am I safe to say that opinions based on experience are translated into a belief of right or wrong….if so then maybe opinions have a valued sense of illusion.

Does it then, not beg the question..  is there any reality to being right or wrong?  Maybe it’s just that…an opinion… nothing more, nothing less…. a manifestation of how we view ourselves in our outer world.  Whether that is through eyes of judgment which would be fear based or Love where there can be no judgement.  Maybe Love has no opinion?  OMG this is getting deeeeeeep!

OK… back to simplification…oh ya double edge.  Basically the intent lyrically was also, not to take myself or life too seriously….keep it upbeat and light.  Just say “Ha Oh” not matter what.  Let life BREATHE …..

Just an opinion of course.



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November 19, 2016

Oops! Back In A Minute

So I think it’s evident I’m not giving up on the evolution of my journey and your comments inspire me to keep going.  In fact there can be no other reason.  Because together as one is how we evolve.  We need others so we can see in them the greatness that is in us.  It’s really just a mirror.  Oops I’m going to have to take a break we are having a terrible wind storm… garbage pails, they are a flyin.  Warm front meets cold …just an observation….doesn’t there seem to be a lot of conflicting energies going around these days? Ponder…be back in a minute.

Where was I oh ya let’s get back to the mirror image stuff….funny! my blogs intent has gone awry for a bit bear with me.  I guess my point is that we are more alike than we are sometimes lead to believe.  Commonalities with a sprinkle of imagination which makes us unique at the same time.  Ok time to give it a try ….I’ll give you a minute or more if you need it, if you’re reading this alone to go out of the room to have a gander.  Make a real connection and you’ll see yourself through their eyes.

Cool ay….we say ay a lot up here in Canada it’s totally the truth.

You know what I love about my blog?  It’s organic, it’s not linear…it gives me freedom to jump from one thought to the next and make sense of it all.

So it’s about relationship right… with ourselves as well as with others.  It may be like starting a new band which I’m in the process of doing.  DREAMESCAPE (definition: tangent periodic, random dream thought) I have them from time to time.  Perhaps…. just…perhaps Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr are waiting in the wings?  A four degrees of separation if you will…I think I’m that close.

I’ve found half of the rhythm section in a drummer named Andy…this guy is sooo infectious with an amazing will to get it down attitude, alone… this will be enough.  Now to piece the rest of the puzzle.  “It will come just be patient”  is the advice from my sister who called to say hello today….Love you Tia

Did I mentioned a vision for the band? Maybe in a past post.  I see our band as a symbol of “oneness” a multicultural representation of the music and its meaning.  I’m excited with the fact along with the music there is a  “what we stand for”.   Even in the name.  We could do the Prince thing and have a symbol.  Hmmmm how bout ….. 11:11.  Catchy?  I like that it symbolizes a time, higher conciseness,  oneness… it’s binary.  All heady stuff.  Let me know your thoughts…till the next time…Love to All!

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August 15, 2016

The Dream….It’s Not Over !

In a journey that started over 3 years ago we have reached many milestones that we have been proud to blog about.  So having this album complete and ready for your consumption is perhaps the climax of what we set out to accomplish with one proviso and that is I’m finding out… when you accomplish a dream it can lead to another.  The point here I’m trying to make is there is an “Art Too Dreaming”.  Which may be a good title for a book…..HMMMMM?

So what defines the “Art Too Dream”?  This is what I have experienced.

  1. Have a dream…. the BIGGER the BETTER. (Get Ridiculous)
  2. Remove the expectation of how it will turn out and when it will be accomplished.
  3. Allow for the generosity of others to take part and help you fulfill your dream at the same time be generous with others.
  4. Perhaps the most important Never Ever Ever Ever give up even though your fear would like you to!
  5. Keep dreaming (with a smile)

At this point I can check off 1 to 4, knowing that 5 will lead me back to 1.  Funny how that works.  So what is my 5?

To perform my song “Share” with all those that recorded with me on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Perform a live performance at “The Cavern” in Liverpool

To open for Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr at one of their concerts.

Is that a triple 1?  Oh well, what can I say… I’m Ridiculous right?  Well I’ve just checked off 1…. let’s see how the rest turns out.

Oh Ya before I sign off…. “People Don’t Grow On Trees” is now available for purchase.  You can do it old school with a CD or of course digital download through Itunes….Love to hear from you.


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February 29, 2016


An unprecedented shift in human consciousness is taking place on this beautiful planet we all inhabit. “Oneness Begins With One” is a campaign amplifying this harmony and the knowing that we are all the same and that we share this planet together: that we are all ONE

I know when our thoughts begin with understanding, compassion and love we see the world differently; differently in the sense that when not based in fear, we respond differently, our inner world changes and so too our outer world. We start to trust a higher consciousness within ourselves.

I see my music as the bridge between oneness as a “thought” and the actualization of “being”.

I am presently completing an album that began last December with a dream to record at Abbey Road Studios. It’s all original music and I’m very proud to share it with everyone.




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August 31, 2015

Update “Project Share”

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are finished with our song “Share” and subsequent video …. we’re calling “The Hey Oh Gang”…Please Enjoy.  The big development since my last post is that the insurance company has accepted my sisters claim for Panniculectomy surgery.  This will insure her a portion of her expenses.  What I would like to share with you is that my sister’s wishes are that we choose another charity.  Even though she is very grateful for all your support she believes there are other charities in more need.  I am very proud of her and we respect her wishes.  Since we have already committed to helping out, we will choose another charity for our Share Project.  Once chosen, we will update our  website so you will be able to download our song “Share” …..there will also be a donate button that you have the option to help out…..I thank you for any and all your generosity.

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June 30, 2015

Project “Share”

This weekend marks a big step in the direction of my music. I recently recorded a song in England called “Share”. At the time, I didn’t realize how important this song “SHARE” was to me. I now know why!

The song “SHARE” is a statement, a mantra, an anthem about how the world could be a better place if we all just SHARE. In the spirit of this message, my wife Leslie and I have invited our family and friends to be a part of this song and so they have (ENJOY THE PICS). They have donated their time and support to SHARE. I am so grateful we could come together and share this experience….it is very humbling and inspiring!

Thanks to all that participated: Leslie Laycox, Dave, John and Amanda Perry, Tom and Colleen Dart, Emma McNicols, Kathy Jackson, Tom Gulley, Rondi Laycox, Karlee and Rilee Puddister, Triston Allsop, Tom Donoghue, Ron Peters, Danielle Andringa, Roy and Cathy Smith, Pat Cureton, Sandi Schlie, Jan Wristen, Cheryl Shurtliffe, Mitch Henderson, Brent Bodrug.

As I mentioned, this is a big step, because it’s in the act of “Sharing” that really counts. I need your help in furthering a cause that is very close to my heart.

My sister had the courage 5 years ago to have a surgery to help her with her challenge around weight. After surgery she lost a great deal of weight and for that she is very proud and what she thought to be, much healthier because of it. Unfortunately, she was left with a very unhealthy amount of excess skin that is not only extremely uncomfortable, it is also a health risk.   My sister lives in the USA and the cost to cover this operation is approx. $25,000 which at this point her insurers have declined to cover.

With your help I would like to be able to cover these costs. This is where you come in! I mean everyone who is reading this. I will be releasing “SHARE” on this website very soon. My request is that anyone who downloads “SHARE” make a donation for the song so that my sister can get the help needed.

Let’s start with “Sharing”. Whether that’s with our resources, our love or human experience. Words are easy! It’s the act of sharing that’s inspiring.…it’s my intention that this record represents a new journey a new beginning.

Let’s make a better world by starting here…..I thank you for your support!


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January 11, 2015

What’s Next

Now back home we’ll be going back into the studio to record overdubs, vocals, keyboards and such……we would also like to record with live strings and horns in keeping with the sonic experience that we believe is going to be something very special and appreciated by our listening audience.…. Our intention is to release our 11 songs as singles with an A and B side just like old school. This will be available on Itunes and CD through this website.

You can follow and be part of our community with our social media pages: facebook.com/berdinidream and twitter.com/berdinimusic

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December 30, 2014

We’re Back

Have you ever done something that when you try to put it into words, your trust in vocabularic insemination is at best a single sensory coat trying to dress a multisensory happening. Vocabularic? is that even a word, at this point it doesn’t matter…abstract works!

Prepared in the least to take on a project of such magnitude, my innocence called me to a place to pause and ask myself WTF have I got myself into. Here I am sitting in a studio with some very seasoned musicians, complete strangers as it were, interpreting my prize possession, my bambino, 15 years’ worth of detailed focus on a body of work that best describes my life in pure expression, my words, my lyrics and my melodies handed over for dissection in the form of collaboration. I have never had to let go of anything so against my nature. I felt like the bat boy called in to play the 7th game in the World Series.

My engineer described it as the worst case of demo-itis he has ever seen. Ok fair enough…what artist wouldn’t want his music sounding the way he or she wrote it?

I went to bed that first night thinking something has to change here in order for this whole thing not to implode. After all, everyone there was supposed to represent my best interest and for the most part they did. Thank God I did let go! It gave everyone the space to create, and even more importantly, a chance for me to make a personal connection free of angst. It soon became apparent we were all there to make something very special, with some antics that would have been well served from Monty Python comedy sketch. We have never laughed so hard.

Then to complete our “Magical Mystery Tour”, our final day at Abbey Road Studio’s! This is where words become difficult to describe. An event so surreal, all I can do at this point is to ask the questions.

Where else could you go to:
1. Perform and record your original music live off the floor in the exact same place in Studio 2 where The Beatles recorded;
2. Play 3 keyboards….first the Chalen upright piano still bearing the burn mark from Paul McCartney’s rested cigarette while he was playing one of my favorites, “A Day in a Life”
And the Steinway upright where he composed “Obladioblada” (and John played the riff)! Or an organ used on the Sgt. Pepper album.
3. Have the engineers roll into the control room, the same (REDD)mixing consule that George Martin used for recording.
4. Receive a personal tour into the other studios and archives including studio 1, where some of the finest orchestral scores were recorded, like the theme to Star Wars, Harry Potter or Skyfall and Halo, to name a few.
5. Meet and have a chat with the son of George, Giles Martin.
6. Get engaged and party with the staff, champagne flowing to celebrate an amazing day and a place where they admittingly work with the finest musicians in the world, day in and day out.

Yes dreams do come true! Not only for us but for everyone who was with us on this “Road To Abbey Road”. Thanks again to: Dan Cutrona, Brent Bodrug, Robin D’Arcy, John Wallace, Dave Markee, Terl Bryant, Jon Howells, Andy and Louise Dransfield and all the staff at Abbey Road Studios.

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November 26, 2014

The Chapel Studio Recording Sessions

Originally when we first ventured out on this journey called “The Road To Abbey Road” (acronym TRTAR) we thought it would be interesting to build a band to go over to Abbey Road Studios to record. We even went as far as advertising on a local radio station for auditioners. That didn’t work out as planned. As they say when one door closes another opens. In comes Grammy award winning producer Dan Cutrona with a ready- made band with the credentials of playing with Eric Clapton back in the 80’s.

OK I’m sold….It quickly became apparent that an ordinary fellow like myself was being offered the opportunity of a lifetime. To collaborate and create a sound with such seasoned musicians of this ilk was beyond my wildest dreams. So for 6 days we will be recording all the bed tracks and overdubs for my album before leaving for Abbey Road Studios. Come join me for vids and pics of our sessions at THE CHAPEL RECORDING STUDIOS, SOUTH THORESBY,UK. FROM DECEMBER 3RD TO 9TH.

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November 24, 2014

Why Abbey Road Studios ?

From a very young age I have been inspired by music and feel blessed to be able to write from that same inspiration. The sixties had an indelible influence on me. I will never forget that night while watching TV on a cold Sunday in February, when 4 young lads, not too much older than myself, coming from a land I knew not existed, were thrust into which has seldom been equaled anywhere in history. “Ladies and Gentlemen…… the Beatles” and the rest as they say is history.

What could be more inviting than that sound? It was so infectious. It caused one to think and pause. Most of all their music made us happy. This gave us a sense of hope that, peace, love and understanding was a possibility for all to live into. That formula stayed consistent throughout their career. Even more so today, I feel there is a need for music to give a similar positive message.

I can’t think of a better place to live out my dream, my message, my sound. Join me


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